How it works - Sunblink

Do what you do best

Focus from day one on your clients, your candidates and your earnings whilst we sort out the boring stuff and support your new company in a way that suits you.

Achieve your goals, whether that is the growth of a business that builds up a team or just smashing it and billing big yourself.

You’ll have the best tools available; VOIP phoneline, your own private CRM, LinkedIn Recruiter, the job boards you want, your own branded marketing content, CV formatting and loads more.

We’ve got your back

We will continue to partner with you, being there to discuss strategy and problem-solve together, as well as providing whatever services you need, whenever you need them.

You’ll have a fully GDPR compliant business, and we’ll help you out with credit control, book-keeping and management accounts as long as you want us to.

You will have as much or as little access to our Marketing, HR, Training and IT functions as you want.

The sky is the limit

Earn what you bill and be the master of your own destiny. You will have total freedom to live and work the way you want – it’s all up to you.

Work anywhere you want in the world or come and go as you please to the Sunblink hub in the heart of Southampton. You can surround yourself with other recruiters we support for JV opportunities and high-quality banter as much or as little as you want.

With the freedom to grow your business your way, we can help you in creating business plans, internal recruitment, payroll and anything else you need to achieve the next big thing in recruitment.

Business Growth Journey


The process begins with you reading this right now, but initial contact is where it starts in earnest – an informal conversation to see whether taking this journey with Sunblink as your launchpad is right for you.


Initial plans drawn together using our Business Planning template, you’ll meet the Sunblink team and we can start to understand the dynamics of how you want to live and work. We’ll create forecasting of P&L for you to start visualising your potential earnings and where your costs are likely to be.


We create and deliver a bespoke proposal based on what YOU want and need from us. We can also put you in touch with other recruiters that have already taken the dive to discuss the process and any questions you may have. Once we’re agreed, the adventure begins!


The brand discovery process covers naming your company, registering it, creating a logo and full brand guidelines along with any marketing collateral desired and full website brief taken and spec agreed.

Tool Up

We set up your toolkit exactly as you need it; your Microsoft 365, Website, Social Media pages, CRM (with completely custom settings), Job Boards, LinkedIn Recruiter, Cloudcall telephone system, Brightpay Payroll software, Xero Accounting software, creation of all terms and policies using our templates + anything else you require!


We will help you maximise your launch, guiding you through how to announce your new business to the world for optimal impact whilst you focus from day one on getting out in front of candidates and clients, with all admin and back ground tasks taken care of for you.


Get the first [of many] offer accepted and the champagne cork popped. We’ll get that first Invoice raised for you & you watch that first money land in the bank. Any of the fears you felt back at step 1 are long gone.


Accessible whenever you need us, your back office for ongoing support across all functions, a sounding board and a sanity check! We’ll be there to help you through any teething problems if they arise, and keep you supported across all your endeavours.


Credit Control

We’ll help chase down your debts and make sure you get paid on all of your invoices.


We’ll make sure you, any staff you may have and any temporary workers you have out get paid with no fuss and no delays.

Bookkeeping / Invoicing

Complete access to the Sunblink Admin and Invoicing team supporting you with tax, VAT returns and everything else!

PSLs and Contracts (inc. T&Cs)

We support you through any and all contracts as well as pull together branded tender and proposal documentation with you. We can provide a comprehensive suite of template policy documentation to tap into, as well as a wealth of experience to adapt any client tender.


Your full brand guidelines created and managed for you, from your logo and colour palettes to fonts, keywords, tone and personality.


Complete access to the Sunblink marketing team, providing graphic design, copywriting and content creation of any description for your business to use across social media, your website, brochures, email campaigns and networking events.

Temp Onboarding & Compliance

If you are placing temporary workers, we’ll help ensure your temp onboarding and management is fully compliant.

Management Accounts

Balance sheets, P&L, cash flow management, statutory filing, companyt secretarial – we’ll help you manage all of your financial accounting and reporting.

  • Firstline IT Support
  • HR Core Services (inc. GDPR / Legislation)
  • Training Core Services
  • Coaching/Mentoring/Support
  • Management Reporting/Data

The Toolkit

CRM Database

Your data is YOURS, owned by you and no-one else is going to mess it up, so use it however suits you best. We provide you with a market-leading CRM that integrates fully across all your other platforms and has the functionality to maintain candidate and client interaction.

VOIP phoneline & number

A phone system that allows you to click to dial direct from your database, record your calls and has all sorts of tricks to call from wherever you are working, fully integrated with your CRM of course.

LinkedIn Recruiter License

Unlimited searches and the ability to send inmails on the world’s leading professional networking platform – no recruiter should be without it.

Job Boards

You’ll have access to the job boards you require, bespoke to your desk.

Microsoft 365

Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, OneDrive, Teams – you know, the full toolkit you need to get the job done day to day.


All your adverts working for you with minimal effort, aggregated across all platforms that you require – again, fully integrated to your CRM.

Online Temp Payroll

We provide the ability to process directly if factoring yourself or utilise our partner market-leading funding provider.


Automated and simple payroll platform and help with the setting up of payroll elements like pension auto-enrolment.


We will build your website to be bespoke to your requirements and represent your brand online in the best possible way, ensuring SEO is maximised and your business is findable for your audience.

Financial Launch Support

If you require an initial funding element, it can be available to launch your business into the stratosphere.


What is the Sunblink platform?

Sunblink is a launchpad and strategic business partner helping recruitment entrepreneurs to set up on their own and grow to their full potential.

What tools do Sunblink provide?

We set you up with the most cutting-edge tools and backoffice support you need to just focus on recruiting! Your CRM, website, VOIP phoneline and number, LinkedIn Recruiter license, whichever job boards you need, the full Microsoft 365 suite, Broadbean, online temp payroll, and more!

What support will Sunblink give me?

We are always there for you, providing credit control, payroll (both internal and for temps), compliance, PSLs, contracts, all marketing from your website to brochures to day-to-day social media content support, book keeping/invoicing, management accounts, HR, IT support, training and mentoring and more!

How much money can I make!?

Honestly, the sky is the limit! There is genuinely no cap on what you can earn. Self-employed recruiters can easily earn four times what they would under an agency commission structure doing the same job, you can expect this to be about 70% of what you bill.

Can I get initial investment for a launch salary?

Simply, yes. Often the factor that prevents talented recruiters from launching their own business is the fear of not being able to afford their financial commitments during the transition into self-employment. Sunblink can provide secure investment to launch recruiters in the best and more secure way possible.

Will I really own my company?

Absolutely. You have full commercial, financial and operational control over your business as the principal shareholder. You own all intellectual property associated with your business and all of your own data (including database). Basically, it is your company so you make all of the decisions. We are simply there to help and advise when needed.

What about my non-compete/restricted covenants?

We have plenty of experience dealing with and advising on what can and can’t be done if you are under restrictive covenants or non-solicit agreements from leaving a previous company. We will provide clear guidance and help you plan around these accordingly. 

Can I launch with co-founders?

Yes you can! Our platform works just as well for partnered entrepreneurs.

What’s in it for Sunblink?

We earn our money via a service charge based on a percentage of revenue generated. So unlike suppliers we really are incentivised to ensure your success!

How long does the launch process take?

This varies depending on your situation. If you’re ready and raring to go we can get you fully launched in couple of weeks! We go at your pace though and the majority of businesses we help launch around one to two months to get fully set up (although of course this often coincides with notice periods)

Want to know what it takes to launch your own business?

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