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How Much do you Give a F&%@?


Recruitment is in many ways a totally unique industry. Your audience, customer base AND what is essentially your ‘product’ are all people. Human beings. Totally unique, individual moving parts, all with sprawling lives that connect them to a thousand different things around them. Impossible to accurately predict. Impossible, as any recruiter will confirm, to wholly and entirely rely on! Recruitment can be a real rollercoaster!


In some senses however, recruitment is just like any other service. Your success long term can really boil down to how much you give a f&%@!

Really caring about the outcome for your client, and really caring simultaneously about the outcome for your candidate will set you apart. Understanding that getting this right is (a) really bloody difficult, but (b) totally essential is the message here.


So, why should you care?


Why can’t you just flick CVs into potential client’s inboxes and cross your fingers?


Why is the old adage “throw enough s*** at the wall and hope some of it will stick” predominantly a joke, or otherwise a total blight, on our industry?


Brand Building


No successful brand has been built without full acknowledgement and care around customer service. People remember always how they have been treated, not just by a person, or a business – but a brand.


This of course works both ways – positive and negative, particularly in a world where it is so easy and accessible to leave and read peer to peer reviews. Google, Trust Pilot, Glassdoor etc.


News of your service spreads, whether quickly or slowly, positively or negatively – it is all up to how much you CARE!


Your Customer’s Success IS your Success


There is no disconnect between your success and your customer’s success. It’s good to understand that.


It is so easy to fall into the trap of talking exclusively about your own billings, your own targets, your own peaks and troughs. What about all of this in the context of your clients?


What riddles have you helped solve? Problems have you helped overcome?


Contingency recruitment in particular means you won’t get paid unless your client, and candidate, get what they need.


Taking Pride in What You Do


Taking pride in your work is infectious.


It is obvious to everyone; you can inspire teams around you as much as your own client and candidate network.


But nothing is as potent as the inspiration you’re able to provide yourself! Momentum is SO powerful in recruitment. The more you care, the more you’ll do. The more you do, the more you’ll network. The more you network, the more opportunity you’ll attract. The more opportunity, the more success.


So ask yourself, how much do you really give a f&%@?


If the answer is truly, ‘a lot’ then you absolutely have the baseline foundation to grow your own business, not just your own successful desk.


If you care enough about what you do, you should be doing it for yourself.


Get in touch if you fancy exploring this as an opportunity.

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