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How to Break your Recruitment Karma

The way your life currently looks is entirely built up by a long stream of choices.

As painful as it may be to hear, this list of choices is usually made up of ones that never originated in you yourself. Stuff you never signed up to.

The location you live in, the school you went to, the career you work in, the place to sit to work every day, even the laws you are governed by!

Choices made by your parents, your loved ones, your bosses, your teachers, your government all end up having a major impact on your life, and how it looks day to day.

This means that often the sum total of the choices made that equate to your life ends up looking NOTHING like it would if every choice that was made had been yours.

Would you have chosen to live where you do?

Would you chosen your daily routine?

Would you have chosen the way you work?

We all live wrapped up in layers and layers of karma, and we’re destined [or perhaps doomed] to live out a life created passively by the choices and actions of countless others.

Disrupting this process is hard.

Consciously shrugging off the bullshit that you have been so used to consuming is hard.

We know no other way – it’s a social, generational conditioning that is engrained all the way into our coding.

Taking the reins of your own life is, however, totally possible.

There is literally no better way to take back control of your life that becoming your own boss.

You can sustain yourself

You can bill enough

You can be self-starting enough to stay disciplined and get enough done

Any doubts in your mind have been cultivated elsewhere to keep you working away in the hive for someone else’s benefit.

If you are ready to push back – ready to join the recruitment revolution and defy the lopsided model you’re currently part of (down to no choice of your own), then get in touch.

It is our mission to help recruiters take control.

You can do whatever you want, whatever you need and make every single choice that makes your life what it is yourself.

Living in the shadows of others is not your destiny, your birth right is the ability to choose.



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