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Not another POINTLESS Christmas mailshot

Early December is a busy time – not just in recruitment – for everyone as they prepare for the holiday season.

EVERYTHING has a festive slant added to it, and for good reason!! Christmas sells – people love it. Well, everyone except the office Scrooge. (Yeah, we all have one)

However, with everything and everyone singing from the same hymn sheet (carol sheet?) it’s tough to stand out, and even tougher to not just add to the cacophony of bland Christmas wishes and clogged up inboxes with pointless ‘Merry Christmas’ emails.

Here are three things you should do to capitalise on the jolly yuletide atmosphere, without hurting your brand by spamming empty content.


Sleigh them with your Content on LinkedIn

During December, there comes a point early on where if your content is NOT festive themed, it will not get the engagement that it deserves!

You must jump – to a certain extent – on the bandwagon just to not get left behind, even if you yourself are literally the Grinch.

Continue to add value with your usual content plan, but just give it a festive slant!

Be relevant, what are your candidates and clients doing right now? Who are preparing for their holidays, who are working through? (Let’s be sensitive to those guys!) Is your entire client base in the Middle East? If so, ignore most [BUT NOT ALL!] of this post. Expats will still appreciate the content, for example, even if they are in a country that does not celebrate the holiday.


Yule be sorry – DON’T SEND a festive company mailshot

 “Merry Christmas from Company Limited”
“Seasons’s Greetings from Business Incorporated”
“Happy Holidays from Recruitment Organisation 1,876”

Yeah, inboxes are fragile things and they get battered this time of year with pointless, empty emails. Don’t be part of the problem.

But, you still want to wish everyone Merry Christmas, right? Of course you do, you’re not a sociopath. So add a festive greeting to your email signature. Put a Santa hat on your profile image. Wish your clients and candidates a Merry Christmas – let them know when you’re off work, but do this as an add on to your regular communication.

Not another pointless Christmas mailshot.


Get Santamental – DO send personal Christmas emails

What’s Christmas without being left with all the Bounties in the bottom of the Celebrations, watching Home Alone seven times and receiving heartfelt messages from your nearest and dearest.

Your network should be the same. You’re not going to send a Christmas message to literally everyone you’ve ever met, are you? No – send a heartfelt, personalised Christmas message to those special clients and candidates that are close to you, that are great advocates, that have had a particularly good or bad time this year.

Look after them.

And obviously,

Most of all,

Do not post festive themed semi naked pictures of yourself on LinkedIn.



Merry Christmas one and all,



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