How we do it – Sunblink

How we do it

Long term, sustainable support for recruitment companies of all sizes

  • We will work with you, on your terms, to revamp your HR processes and your brand whether you need to start from scratch, boost or completely overhaul your strategy!
  • We’re a small team of highly experienced professionals that work exclusively in the recruitment space. We are relentlessly human and deal with you directly. We have no layers of account managers or sales staff in between you and your support team. You have direct access to us! Your success becomes ours and ours yours.
  • We create fresh, original marketing material and content to showcase your company online, across social media, utilising your team’s existing networks as well as implementing a strategy to grow your followers. We will ensure your brand reaches the best candidates and clients in your sector.
  • We can support in all HR matters including employment terms, disciplinaries, grievances, methods of empowering your team etc. as well as specific shorter-term projects such as employment legislation and onboarding.
  • We’re here for as long as you need us. We offer either project based or subscription-based support depending on what you need and want. We can parachute in whenever you need us to.